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Our Mission & Method

The mission of Bella Vita Events is simple:

“We believe in letting you be a guest at your own event, and to have a stress free, fun and quality controlled experience that is delivered seamlessly on budget, every time”.

Bella Vita Events, which means “beautiful life” events, is a full service event planning & visionary design studio.

We love to co-create with our clients, and believe that the “inspiration” is already inside of you … and we just need to help pull it out.

Through vision boards, color selections, location architecture, culture, personal style and budget, we combine all the pieces of the puzzle, to make one complete event story line, that is individual to the client’s personality.

Respecting that many of us have more vision, than budget, our trusted and developed strategic relationships with top quality vendors, is what makes us so valuable. Every event starts with a financial “blueprint,” and “I watch your bottom line, like it was my own”.

If you are looking to partner with a team of professionals who will have your back, to plan your next event, then read on to learn more about us…at Bella Vita Events.

Deborah James


Passionate • Productive • Prudent

About Bella Vita Events“I’ve been called two things by colleagues…a human stop-watch, Which means everything runs on time… and a budget guru. I love numbers and timelines, and everything in between.”

Deborah is the creative visionary behind BVE’s acclaimed and award-winning design work. Through her trusted vendor collaborations, she has earned the respect as one of the industry’s leading event producers… “it’s one thing to create a great vision, but it needs to be executed… flawlessly.”

“It’s all about the client, I have planned hundreds of events, and I’m not interested in cookie cutting out another one. Our job is to make your event a reflection of you… and your unique style in a fun, fresh and on-budget way.”

Graduating from the University of Denver with a double BA in Communications and Musical Theatre, Deborah began her work in the bridal merchandising industry, catering, and then eventually moved to LA, where she continued her planning journey through NBC & Production, performing and eventually releasing two albums. She studied at the Kings Seminary of Theology, and finds that her biblical counseling classes come in handy with the pre-marital journey.

Deborah has an incredible eye for detail, endless patience, and has a calm serenity that makes her unique personality shine through. Her tireless energy will insure that your vision becomes a reality, on your special day. She possesses a strong and fearless leadership, and is a quick problem solver. She approaches each event as a visionary, with the acute big picture ability of a director, the organization of a producer, and the broad skill set to manage a “team” with respect & precision.

Deborah resides in Westlake Village with her family and loves the high-energy lifestyle that she juggles between soccer mom & Bella Vita (beautiful life) Events on the weekends.

“I would consider it an honor to work with you, and would love to earn your trust. If you want to partner with a fun, highly motivated and detailed visionary, please read on to see the services that we offer, so we can create a Bella Vita Event with you. I look forward to hearing from you…”

About Bella Vita Events


Deborah James

“The meaning of life is to discover our gifts, the purpose of life is to give them away…” Pablo Picasso

Mindy Vainshtein


Organized • Detailed • Approachable

About Bella Vita EventsLife is in the box… At least in an excel Spreadsheet…uniquely organized and always armed with a red pen to check the box, Mindy is the right hand and glue of the Bella Vita Events Team.

In 2001 Mindy debuted her event skills starting with the Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation Department. Intrigue grew into experience, and before she knew it, she was camp Director.

Determined to make events her passion and occupation, Mindy graduated with a BS in recreation and tourism management from California State University, Northridge. Enthusiastic and ambitious, Mindy snatched up a coveted internship at Town & Country Event rentals where she learned everything from tents to table tops. Deborah witnessed her approachable and organized nature, and knew instinctively that she would be an amazing asset for the BV family.

Mindy’s ‘can do’ attitude, along with her keen organizational skills and ability to multitask with acute attention to detail, makes her the ideal combination for letting those around her feel like she’s got it all under control…the gift of patience and calm.

In 2014 she got married, and as a recent newlywed herself, she can deeply identify with many of her clients’ concerns. Now, as a new mom with her darling little Chloe, she and her husband Daniel live in West Hills, where they continue their…”happily ever after”… life together.

About Bella Vita Events


Mindy Vainshtein

“Work hard… play harder”